The Chess Store Premium Vinyl Rollup Chess Board Brown - 2.375" Squares
Our Price: $6.95
Item #: VRP237BN
Manufacturer: The Chess Store
Mfg ID: VRP237BN
Our Premium Vinyl Rollup Chess Board is simply the best rollup chess board being sold today. We spent nearly a year searching for and evaluating different vinyl until we found just the right one. This vinyl chess board is very soft and pliable yet remarkably durable with almost no "curl-memory". You'll be surprised how flat this board lays after you unroll it. We chose an attractive beige color that presents a nice contrast with nearly any plastic chess set. This chess board has 2.375" squares, alpha-numeric notation, and measures 21". Compared to the rest and for just a dollar more, this chess board is an unbeatable value!
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Customer Reviews
Brian A. Asbury of Salem, OR
Very nice rollup board
This brown 2.375" rollup board goes very nicely with the Crown Camel & Burgundy plastic chess set. I've ordered 5 vinyl rollup boards and 5 plastic chess sets from The Chess Store, and they're all top notch. The very best for the great price. 5 out of 5. :)
Brian A. Asbury of Salem, OR
TCS Vinyl Rollup Board
This is the board we got for my son's Crown Camel & Burgundy Chess Set, and they go together nicely. Nice colors, easy on the eyes, and the brown, burgundy, and camel colors make a pleasant chess playing experience. And the board quality is excellent, just like you'd expect from The Chess Store. Gey one of these nice TCS rollup boards, and one of their awesome plastic sets like the Zukert, Crown, or Conqueror, and you can't go wrong. Very nice chess equipment here.
Hector of South Texas
Classy Board
The colors on this board are deep and rich, they match the larger chess sets perfectly. The material is thinner than regular boards, but the quality is exceptionally better! You won't be disappointed while playing on these boards.
David of Georgia
Best of the Best!!!
If there's a such thing as a true "Pro" vinyl chess board available today, this has got to be it. I ordered this board to go with the "Professional" chess pieces (black and Ivory). Board and pieces together are gorgeous. TCS has the best looking boards, PERIOD! Quality seems to be top shelf also. The colors are really easy on the eyes and the darkness of the beige color seems to be just the right shade. Don't think twice about buying these, they're perfect. And also the back of the board has ...
The Chess Store
The Chess Store