The Chess Store Premium Vinyl Rollup Chess Board Green - 2.25" Squares
Our Price: $5.95
Item #: VRP225GN
Manufacturer: The Chess Store
Mfg ID: VRP225GN
Our Premium Vinyl Rollup Chess Board is simply the best rollup chess board being sold today. We spent nearly a year searching for and evaluating different vinyl until we found just the right one. This vinyl chess board is very soft and pliable yet remarkably durable with almost no "curl-memory". You'll be surprised how flat this board lays after you unroll it. We chose an attractive beige color that presents a nice contrast with nearly any plastic chess set. This chess board has 2.25" squares, alpha-numeric notation, and measures 20". Compared to the rest and for just a dollar more, this chess board is an unbeatable value!
Volume Discount
  • 1 - $5.95
  • 2-4 - $5.55
  • 5-10 - $5.15
  • 11-25 - $4.75
  • 26-100 - $4.35
  • 101+ - $3.95
Customer Reviews
Hans of New Hampshire
Vinyl Rollup Board
Best vinyl board I have ever had! Excellent service. I will keep coming back!!
Kerry Doutre of Ogden Utah
Vinyl chess board
I am very happy with this vinyl chess board. The quality is very good and the tan colored squares contrasts very nicely with the green colored squres.....I like it far more than the regular white and green. I would highly recommend this board!!!!
Brian of Michigan
Premium Vinyl Rollup Boards
I bought five of these, one of each color, and I must say that these do not have an equal among vinyl rollup boards. And they lay so flat that I feel they cancel out any advantage to mousepad boards which seem to have ink and clean up issues. The neutral coffee color gives the board a very pleasant warmth and yet the colored inks contrast with a strong, classy brilliance. And these appear to be resistant to water, dirt, stains, and smudging. I'm a very particular buyer and THIS is the rollup ...
William Bettis of Chillicothe , OH
New chessboards
The new Premium Vinyl Chess Boards. The green and beige, are great. They have a great look that goes with my wood or plastic chess pieces either one. I'm glad I bought two. They were both green. Now I'm thinking of buying a couple more of maybe different colors with beige.
The Chess Store
The Chess Store