The Chess Store Premium Vinyl Rollup Chess Board Brown - 2.25" Squares
Our Price: $5.95
Item #: VRP225BN
Manufacturer: The Chess Store
Mfg ID: VRP225BN
Our Premium Vinyl Rollup Chess Board is simply the best rollup chess board being sold today. We spent nearly a year searching for and evaluating different vinyl until we found just the right one. This vinyl chess board is very soft and pliable yet remarkably durable with almost no "curl-memory". You'll be surprised how flat this board lays after you unroll it. We chose an attractive beige color that presents a nice contrast with nearly any plastic chess set. This chess board has 2.25" squares, alpha-numeric notation, and measures 20". Compared to the rest and for just a dollar more, this chess board is an unbeatable value!
Volume Discount
  • 1 - $5.95
  • 2-4 - $5.55
  • 5-10 - $5.15
  • 11-25 - $4.75
  • 26-100 - $4.35
  • 101+ - $3.95
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