Club Vinyl Rollup Chess Board Brown & Buff - 2.375" Squares
Our Price: $5.95
Item #: VR07ABN
Manufacturer: The Chess Store
Our Club Vinyl Rollup Chess Board with 2.375" squares is a great choice for the larger plastic chess sets where you need a little more room for your pieces. This board is made from a high quality vinyl with a cloth backing and has printed brown squares and alpha-numeric notation. This is a great choice for chess clubs and tournaments where you want a good quality board at an affordable price. This chess board unrolls flat, is durable, washable, and will last for years!
Volume Discount
  • 1 - $5.95
  • 2-4 - $5.70
  • 5-10 - $5.45
  • 11-25 - $5.20
  • 26-100 - $4.95
  • 101+ - $4.70

  • Material: High Quality Vinyl with Cloth Backing
  • Square Size: 2.375"
  • Dimensions: 22" x 22"
Customer Reviews
Andrei of Champaign,IL
Great board at a great price.
This particular board with brown and ivory colored squares is ideal for and contrasts very well with the Chess Store's black and camel sets. Thank you Chess Store for bringing out this hard to find, elegant color that resembles wooden boards!
The Chess Store
The Chess Store