Club Vinyl Rollup Chess Board Brown & Buff - 2.25" Squares
Our Price: $4.95
Item #: VR03ABN
Manufacturer: The Chess Store
Our Club Vinyl Rollup Chess Board with 2.25" squares is a great choice for tournament size plastic chess sets with a 3.75" tall king. This board is made from a high quality buff color vinyl with a cloth backing and has printed brown squares and alpha-numeric notation. This is a great choice for chess clubs and tournaments where you want a good quality board at an affordable price. This chess board unrolls flat, is durable, washable, and will last for years!
Volume Discount
  • 1 - $4.95
  • 2-4 - $4.70
  • 5-10 - $4.45
  • 11-25 - $4.20
  • 26-100 - $3.95
  • 101+ - $3.70
Customer Reviews
James Beach of Sherman , TX
The vinyl rollup chess board is great, especially for the price. It lays flat - I was suprised it worked so well. I strongly recommend it to anyone who needs to transport a board.
The Chess Store
The Chess Store