Vinyl Folding Chess Board Green & Camel - 2.125" Squares
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Item #: VF03GN
Manufacturer: The Chess Store
Mfg ID: VF03GN
Folding chess boards are an old time favorite! No need to roll it up so there's no problem with it laying flat. This folding board is covered in a durable vinyl that can be easily washed. It measures 19.5" square, has 2.125" squares, and easy to read notation.
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Customer Reviews
Chris W. of Tulsa OK
Vinyl Folding Board Green & Camel
This board brings back memories of playing on a folding board as a child. However beware of the heavy vinyl odor this board has. It didn't bother me but it bothered my wife. I loved the Green & Coffee Stained Beige color contrast this board has. I have put several sets on this board ranging from 1 1/2" to 1 3/4" King's base. The board can handle up to Kings with a base of 1 3/4". The squares are actually 2 1/4" & the board measures end to end unfolded to a full 20". This is a nice novelty boa...
Judy Sullivan of College Place, Washington
order review
Recommended by a friend and I love it. Should last always and forever.
chad roberts of gallipolis , OH
order review
I was VERY impressed with both products I ordered. I am going to be using it in my classroom. My kids are very excited. Thank you. chad roberts
Guru Misra of Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Vinyl Folding Chess Board Green & Camel - 2" Squares
I purchased this vinyl folding board and I must say it compliments the Yugoslavia Staunton Chess Set (ORB387) so well! The set and board arrived through UPS in a very timely manner, and the packaging was what only a museum would otherwise accept! This vinyl folding board in Green and Camel is exactly up to the specs that accommodated my chess set I mentioned above! I am very pleased with the quality, price, and the customer service department that answered all of my questions. Job well done o...
Kevin Sheerin of Chesapeake, VA
Vinyl Folding Chess Board Green & Camel - 2" Squares
Board is nice quality but not the right size for a king that has a 1 7/8" base. The squares should be at least an 1/8" larger.
michael of bonner springs, ks.
folding vinyl chess board
this is much superior to roll up boards. i often want to slide the pieces and "screw" them into a favorable square, not possible with the roll ups. also eaisily cleaned.
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The Chess Store