Small Romans Copper & Brass Chess Set Package - Red
Our Price: $199.95
Item #: S3RDMS
Manufacturer: Manopoulos
Mfg ID: S3RD

This gorgeous little chess set package from Manopoulos includes the Small Romans Chess Set, Brass and Red Chess Board, and an attractive wood chess case that holds the pieces and board. Pieces are solid cast zinc that are brass and nickel plated. Pieces are bright and lustrous and have a lacquer finish to prevent them from ever tarnishing. The chess board is covered in brass with squares that have raised edges. The frame and black squares are painted a beautiful multi-color red. The wood case is distressed to replicate an old, antique case.

The king and queen are represented by Caesar and Caesar's queen. The bishop is a Centurion and the knight a Roman Cavalry soldier. The rook is represented by a Roman column that was prevalent in the architecture during this period. The pawn is a Roman legionary. This chess set based on the history of the Roman military will look spectacular in your home or office.

Chess Pieces:
  • Brass & Nickel Plated Zinc (lacquered to prevent tarnishing)
  • King Height: 2.125"
  • King Base: .7"
  • Chess Set Weight: 1.5 lbs.

Chess Board:
  • Materials: Brass & Wood
  • Square Size: 1"
  • Board Dimensions: 11" x 11" x 1"
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