Miniature Archers Brass Chess Set & Board Package - Brown
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Item #: S102BNMS
Manufacturer: Manopoulos
Mfg ID: S102BN

This complete chess set package from Manopoulos includes their Small Archers Chessmen with their Brass and Brown Enameled Chess Board. This chess set is based on the Greek and Roman cultures and their military conquests. The pawns are represented by a row of archers from which this chess set has its name.

The king is 1.3125" tall with a 1/2" base. Chess pieces are hand-cast in solid zinc and then brass and nickel plated.Chess pieces are then lacquered to keep the lustrous finish from ever tarnishing. The chess board is 20cm (approx. 8") square and has 3/4" squares. The chess board is brass with enameled brown squares and border. The board is lacquered to prevent tarnishing.

This chess set will fit on any piece of furniture and it's small enough for a travel set.

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