Roman's Lab: Taking Advantage of Common Endgame Mistakes Made by All Tournament Players
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On This dvd Roman covers one of the most frequent questions he gets how to improve in the endgame all tournament players make the same mistakes over and over Roman through several examples will show you how to take advantage of these mistakes and prevent them in your own games. Roman recommends learning the openings first so you can get to the endgame. Also before entering an end game it is essential to know whether it is a win lost or draw.
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Matthew G Peck of Cheektowaga Ny 14215
Roman's Lab: Taking Advantage of Common Endgame Mistakes Mad
first of all the price is lower than anyone else's, which is fantastic. the service and overall value are also outstanding. i order from you a lot and am always happy I did. the only thing wrong is that on the dvds there seems to be a glitch in that it will pause for a half a second several times throughout the dvd and sometimes the audio and video will fall out of synch for just a second or so. i'm not sure if there is a problem copying from tape to dvd or if it is in the production itself. ...
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