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Zukert Series Plastic Chess Set in Black & Camel - 4.25" King

Zukert Series Plastic Chess Set in Black & Camel - 4.25" King
Zukert Series Plastic Chess Set in Black & Camel - 4.25" King
Zukert Series Plastic Chess Set in Black & Camel - 4.25" King
Zukert Series Plastic Chess Set in Black & Camel - 4.25" King
The Zukert is our largest and heaviest plastic chess set with a 4.25" tall king. While not not meant to be an exact replica, the Zukert was inspired by the Zukertort, an original Jaques of London chess set from the mid 1800s named for the Grand Master Johannes Zukertort. The Zukert's knight with its old world nostalgic look is what distinguishes this set from others. We simply refined and accentuated its features to create a new and unique design. We applied this principal to all six chess pieces creating a chess set that is truly a master piece. If you are looking for an large plastic chess set with a unique design and exceptional features, the Zukert will not disappoint!
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Chess Pieces
  • King Height: 4.25"
  • King Base: 1.875"
  • King Weight: 3.4 oz.
  • Chess Set Weight: 4 lbs. 4 oz.
  • 2 spare queens are included for pawn promotion
  • Green Billiard Cloth Pads
  • Recommended Chess Board Size: 2.375" Squares (not included)
Customer Reviews
Jorge of NYC
Zukert Camel & Black Plastic 4.25 KIng
This is a very good set. When first glanced at it gives you the urge to immediately want you to play an opponent. I'd wish I had had opted for the mulit colored sets for the value overall and change of atmosphere to my liking. Very nicely weigted to withstand windy conditions when playing outdoors. Washington Square Park is sort of the Mecca for chess play in NYC outdoors. But any park anywhere will do fine with this set. I may just make the bigger purchase after all in the very near future b...
Hector of South Texas
Zukert Set
This set sits large on our den table, centered in the room. The set has a satin finish and the weight feels and plays great! Playing chess is an experience when you play with such a large set. Only issue I had was that there were small hair-line cracks in the rook top and in the queen, but nothing that would prevent heavy playing.
Gra Gracia of Kent , WA
Zukert series chess set
After looking at the wooden chess set and getting a case of sticker shock. I took a look at the plastic set, the price was right but I wondered about the quality of the sets. I took a chance ordered the Zukert “black and carmel” set along with a floppy board. I was more than pleased when they arrived at the house, which didn't take long from the time I placed the order. It's the set that I have to admit to as being "sweet". Their big, heavy, just flat nice looking. The floppy board was wa...
Jason Bermiller of Kamloops, BC
Zukert: Beautiful, Substantial Set
I ordered the Camel and Burgundy set of Zukert pieces along with an appropriate roll-up playing board. This is a lovely set to play with. The King is massive and all the pieces feel substantial in your hand as you play. I am a very tactile player and relish the feel of a good set. I own ivory, mahogany, wood, and metal sets. Prior to this set, I had not bought any plastic sets because of plastic's tendency to feel cheap and unrefined. Not so with this set! This set's look, the deepcut bishop,...
Michael of Ballard, Wa
Competetive Edge
I dropped a pawn as I was unloading the set, it bounced once and then landed perfect standing across the room. The set is finely balanced, smooth to the touch and easy on the eyes. Felt bottoms compliment the huge base on these pieces and the construction is solid and firm. Style of the knight is unique, but the bishop, king and queen are big and roundheaded which I really like. I purchased this with matching vinyl mat and large carrying case. I will use th...
Randy of North Carolina
Beautiful set, has become my favorite over some pretty stiff competition (Jacques Replica hand-carved, 200.00+, etc.). Used with the oversized green/cream board, it is large as my peripheral vision can handle--perfect size. Maybe a bit large for blitz, but, of course both sides have to deal with that.
Michael of Vista
Zukert Review
I just received my Zukert Series camel and black colored plastic chess set and tore it out of the box and I am so glad I bought it. The pieces are unique from any tournament style chess set I have seen on the circuit in a long time. The pieces are nice and heavy and fit perfectly on my mouse pad chess board. I highly recommend the Zukert series for those of you who want a long lasting solid chess set that is well worth the price. I am so psyched about using it in my tournament this weekend, S...
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