Players Staunton Chess Set in Antiqued Ebony & Boxwood - 3.5" King
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Our Players Special Staunton chess set is designed for those players and collectors searching for a beautiful chess set in a practical size that will withstand frequent play whether at home or taken to the coffee shop. Our Players Special is traditional Staunton with a Jaques look and feel, elegant in shape, has beautiful knights with features and detail that won't break or damage, and a practical size with a 3.5" tall king.

The profile of the king, queen, and bishop is extraordinarily elegant. The king features a small, traditional formee cross. The queens crown is turned thick and has points that will withstand the rigors of being carried around in a box. The knights are slender with attractive features and a great deal of detail for a knight this size. The bishop miter is well proportioned has a wider than normal slot that is perfectly finished with rounded corners. The rooks stand even with knights nose and have a shallow parapet atop the battlement. The pawns are of average height with a larger than average bulb and a somewhat straight column.

The boxwood pieces are stained to create the rich amber patina you would find on a real antique chess set. Both ebony and boxwood pieces are finished in a soft satin varnish for an antique look. The pieces are heavily weighted for stability on the chess board and the bottoms are covered in green billiard cloth so that they slide easily from square to square.

Whether a collector, casual chess player, or buying a special gift for someone, our Players Special Staunton will no doubt become your favorite chess set for every day play. (*Does Not Include Chess Board).

  • King Height: 3.5"
  • King Base: 1.688"
  • King Weight: 2.7 oz.
  • Note: These are nominal measurements - minor variations may be found.
Customer Reviews
Ray B Douglas of Minneapolis
Players' Staunton Jaques look pieces
I have been searching for a set like this for fifty (50) years. It resembles in proportions the set Emanual Lasker played in the 1924 New York Tournament which he won at age 56, beating a strong field much younger than he. My chess set has a 3.5' king, antiqued Ebony & Boxwood with surprising heft to the pieces. To me the most striking feature is the flat bases, especially on th bishops. I can't explain why they catch my eye but they do and since playing with them for reasons unknown, my play...
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