Renaissance Chess Set
Our Price: $429.95
Item #: MS048MIT
Manufacturer: Italfama
Mfg ID: 048M
Imported from Italy, the Renaissance is one of Italfama's most impressive chess sets and is nothing less than spectacular! These are large and heavy chess pieces that are impressively detailed giving this set a much richer look than you would expect at this price. There is no mistaking the pieces as each piece from the king to the castle is easily recognized. This chess set is also available in a hand decorated version with features accentuated by hand painting.
  • King Height: 5.5"
  • King Base: 1.5"
  • Material: Brass & Nickel Plated Cast Zinc, Painted Accents
  • Chess Set Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Felt Pads
  • Comes packaged in Italfama green and gold fancy cardboard box.
  • Recommended Chess Board Size: 2.25" - 2.375 Squares
Customer Reviews
Renaissance Metal Chess Pieces Italfama Item #: MS048MIT
The Renaissance Metal Chess Pieces is a large set with the king is King Height: 5.5". These pieces are beautifully etched and finely detailed. It is very easy to distinguish which pieces are which. This is a beautifully set to have displayed in home or office. You would except to pay more for the this large finely crafted set. I think anyone would be happy with this set. This is a set you can use and treasure for years to come.
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