The Caro-Kann
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The Caro-Kann is one of the most popular chess openings amongst players of all levels. It is basically a very solid opening, but provides ample scope for complicating the play if the players wish to do so. It has been an especial favorite of Anatoly Karpov, who has enriched its theory with many new and combative ideas. It is thus fitting that the first comprehensive guide to this opening of the 21st century should be written by a man who has assisted Karpov for many years. There can be few chess-players who are as intimately familiar with the Caro-Kann as Mikhail Podgaets. Many of the most important new ideas in the Caro-Kann in the last decade have stemmed from Podgaets' work, and he has had a major role in ensuring that Karpov's Caro has withstood a variety of assaults from the world's top grandmasters.
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