Fierce Knight Staunton Chess Set in Golden Rosewood & Boxwood with Walnut Folding Chess Case - 3" King
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Item #: FKS300OF
Manufacturer: The Chess Store
Mfg ID: FKS300OF

This chess set package includes our Fierce Knight Staunton Chess Set in golden rosewood and boxwood, a beautiful Oak Framed Walnut and Maple Folding Chess Case, and The Chess Store Scorebook. Our Fierce Knight is the perfect chess set for two good friends enjoying a fiercely competitive game of chess. The knights are hand carved with meticulous precision and with features such as the perked ears, eyes, and mane that gives this chess set its name. As you can see from our photo, the colors of the chess pieces and chess board are a perfect match and look beautiful together.

Chess Set Package Specifications & Features:

World's finest quality Staunton chessmen! King Height: 3", Base: 1.375" Chess pieces are made from golden rosewood (sheesham) and boxwood. Chess pieces are individually hand polished using solid lacquer on buffing wheels to create a lustrous sheen - the authentic Staunton chessmen finish. Chess pieces are heavily weighted (2x) for stability on the chess board, the complete set weighs 2.5 pounds. Two spare queens are included for pawn promotion. Chess pieces have thick, green billiard cloth pads, the traditional and best pad material for moving pieces and protecting the board. Chess case is made from solid oak, walnut and maple veneers, and other wood composites. Case Dimensions Closed: 17.75" x 8.875"" x 3.25", Open: 17.75" square x 1.625" The Chess Store Scorebook has 50 pages for 50 games and up to 100 moves and places to record players names, event, date, ratings, tournament positions and board diagram. A game summary is printed on the outside cover and an algebraic and common short hand notation guide is provided.

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