Floppy Chess Board Blue & Buff - 2.375" Squares
Our Price: $9.95
Item #: FB04BE
Manufacturer: The Chess Store
Mfg ID: FB04BE
What's great about this floppy chess board is that it unrolls flat - perfectly flat! Many chess players prefer the floppy over the vinyl rollup chess boards because of this. This floppy chess board is made from soft rubber and has a cloth playing surface. Unlike many floppy boards, this one does not have the strong rubber odor. It measures 22" square, has 2.375" squares, and easy to read notation.
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Customer Reviews
a w of san francisco , CA
nice board
when they say "floppy", what they really mean is, this board is basically a ginormous mouse-pad. as such, it is awesome. it lays perfectly flat and is heavy and does not slide around. love this board, great value too.
pdfdc of Oceanside, CA
very pleased with customer service
Placed my order by phone for item #FBO4BE which arrived promptly. Chess Store phone representative was personable, efficient and knowledgeable. Very happy with product & price.
M. Montour of Kahnawake, Quebec
Floppy chess board.
This is my first ' floppy ' experience, so bear with me. It's flater than a pancake, it's flater than the world used to be, its flater than a... nope, better not go there. in fact maybe this is too much ' flattery' !! This floppy board is just 'FLAT OUT' great. Glad I ordered one from the Chess Store, the pics on the site show the Guardian set displayed on the board, might get one of those too!! Thanks Chess Store, you've never left me "flat". Highly recommended to the avid chessplayer...
The Chess Store
The Chess Store