Floppy Chess Board Blue & Buff - 2.25" Squares
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Item #: FB03BE
Manufacturer: The Chess Store
Mfg ID: FB03BE
What's great about this floppy chess board is that it unrolls flat - perfectly flat! This floppy chess board is much thicker than vinyl rollup chess boards is made from soft rubber and has a cloth playing surface which is non - washable. Unlike many floppy boards, this one does not have the strong rubber odor! It measures 20" square, has 2 1/4" squares, and easy to read notation.
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Customer Reviews
Greg B of Madera, CA
Blue floppy board
I was hoping for a royal blue (like the picture) but it is more like navy blue (almost with a green tint). The board itself lays flat & belive me, there is a great contrast between light & dark. It's a keeper.
J Calhoun of
blue floppy board
price excellent quality excellent functionality excellent service excellent overall value excellent
Andrew Moon of Sequim WA
floppy chess board
this board is great it rolls out perfectly flat. the top layer is cloth which holds the pieces really well, which i love because i have little kids who are always trying to bug me, and the lower layer if black squishy foam just like a mouse pad. its a nice board and the notation guide is going to be great for teaching
R.J.Hunter of Oregon, USA
Floppy 'mousepad' boards
I use these in the classroom, and love them. Unlike vinyl boards these unroll flat and don't get distorted or creased with use. The surface is grippy so pieces won't slide - some prefer this, some don't. Mine haven't got dirty yet so I don't know if cleaning them will be an issue.
The Chess Store
The Chess Store