Checkmate! my first chess book
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Learn to play the great game of chess with none other than Gary Kasparov, the World number one and the most famous figure in chess history, as your teacher. Discover all of the various pieces - the king, the queen, the knights, the bishops, and the pawns. Find out how the pieces move, the values of the chess men, how to attack and how to defend, how to capture, how to employ special moves such as castling, how to write the moves down and, crucially, how to give check and deliver checkmate. Learn the numerous tricks and traps that you can set your unwary opponents and, just as importantly, how to avoid falling into them yourself. Make a journey through this book and, with the help of the world's best player, you will be ready for your first chess battle, be it against your mum or dad, your friends, your computer, on the internet or in a competition.
an ideal chess guide for beginners covers all the crucial rules and aims introduces all aspects of the game written by a legend of the chess world
A full color book that is beautifully illustrated!
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