Nimzo-Indian Kasparov Variation
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The Nimzo-Indian Defence is one of the great headaches for queen pawn players. The rock solid defence is popular at all levels and enthusiasts of 1 d4 have struggled long and hard to find an advantageous line against it. How can White throw a solid Nimzo player off their stride at an early stage? One highly promising try is the Kasparov Variation.

Grandmaster and renowned openings expert Chris Ward studies an ambitious and uncompromising way of battling against the Nimzo, one which the world number one Garry Kasparov first brought into the limelight in his legendary World Championship clashes with Anatoly Karpov. Kasparov?s continued success with this line prompted many experts to call it the ?Kasparov Variation?. By studying this book, white players can arm themselves with a new dangerous system against the Nimzo, while black players can look carefully for antidotes!

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