Leatherette Cork Lined Oval Dice Cup Set - Green
Our Price: $14.95
Item #: CUPDGN
Manufacturer: The Chess Store
This dice cup set includes 2 cups, dice, and a doubling cube. The dice cups are lined with a green leatherette material and lined with cork for quiet shaking. The cups measure 3" long, 1.5" wide, and are 2.75" tall. The dice are 16mm dice and we include two green, two ivory, and one doubling cube. Perfect for your backgammon set or any other game with dice.
Customer Reviews
Paul C of USA
Great Value!
This item is an excellent value for the price. I think that the quality and functionality of the item far exceeds the price tag. I was especially impressed with the dice. High Quality. Extremely Fast Shipping and Highly Recommended Seller/ Product! Thank you, Paul
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The Chess Store