Chronos GX Chess Clock - Blue
Our Price: $119.95
Manufacturer: Chronos
The Chronos chess clocks are the best digital chess clocks being sold today. It's built to last with a steel case and buttons that will never wear out. The Chronos GX has more features and designed better than any other chess clock. The Chronos GX has 8 tournament chess modes, 4 Blitz Chess Modes, 2 Tournament GO modes, and 12 user-pre-set modes. It has options to save move-times, generate shuffle-chess positions, and adjust the beeper pitch.
  • Batteries (3 AA alkaline)
  • User Manual
  • One Year Limited Warranty

  • Measurements:
6.375 X 2.125 X 1.75
Customer Reviews
John Mc of Sacramento, CA
Chronos GX Chess Clock
Ordered via, the price of $97.95 was competitive with others selling the item. Excellent quality item, functional (once you work your way through the instruction manual). Overall, an excellent product.
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