Dal Negro Black Eco Leather Tournament Backgammon Set
MSRP: $529.95
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Item #: 310N
Manufacturer: Dal Negro
Mfg ID: 306

Imported from Italy, this traditional black backgammon set is a large, tournament size set for serious or casual backgammon play. Dal Negro is one of the leading backgammon designers and manufacturers in the world with a reputation of creative designs and high quality in both the materials they use and the craftsmanship that goes into making each one.

This backgammon set has a black eco leather exterior and a leather-like inside surface with inlaid points that makes it easy to slide chips around. It features a thick hardwood frame construction, high quality fabric with exterior under-padding, precise stitching, and stainless steel hardware. This backgammon set is made to withstand years of use and still look great. The black and white chips are made from a high quality semi-transparent plastic that gives them a beautiful mother-of-pearl type of effect. One of the most distinguished backgammon sets in the Dal Negro collection!

Specifications & Features:

  • Attache Closed: 20.5" x 14.625" x 3"
  • Attache Open: 20.5" x 29.25" x 1.5"
  • Chips: 1.75" diameter x .25" thick
  • Dice: Four 16mm Ivory Color Dice
  • Doubling Cube: .75"
  • Includes 2 Dice Cups: 2" x 3.5"
  • Weight: 9 pounds

Customer Reviews
Gregory of New York City
Terrific Backgammon Set
I purchased this set as a wedding gift for a good friend with whom I routinely play backgammon. I sought an excellent quality board and researched the best manufacturer and retailer. My friend and I were very pleased with the quality of the set. The price was at the lower end of what I thought I would need to pay so was happy about that too. I must say that I spoke on the phone with with a customer service agent who was very patient and helpful explaining to me the different types of "leather...
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